Feeling empty, or me butting heads with boredom and a lack of motivation; a story about what kind of feelings made this blog a reality

It’s a feeling that a lot of people are familiar with. Whether you consider yourself more or less a mentally healthy person or not, think of it this way, was there ever a moment when you felt nothing at all or didn’t want to do a single thing?

You’re sitting in your room and open up your PC to watch a movie, read manga, play some games, it doesn’t matter what. You start doing the thing and then it hits you:
“I don’t want to do this, even though I’m supposed to be enjoying this/I used to enjoy this, I’m not feeling it”

A few weeks ago, I got fired up and decided I’d start learning Japanese. For no reason other than to be able to read a manga series that wasn’t being translated into English.
I stopped when I realized that I couldn’t do it anymore, nothing went into my head and I gradually lost both the spark and the want to study.

Maybe I’m just lazy?

I don’t have the greatest of will powers but usually I just do what I have to. The liberty of having my own schedule and set times is as liberating as it is like a knife looming against my neck.

My lack of motivation is my greatest weakness, but I just don’t know how to combat it.


Here’s a late introduction. I chose the word Mashi from an already existing nickname I usually use and use it as another name here.
I created this blog with an email address that has nothing to do with me irl, so that I can be as frank as I want and write what I want.

My plan is to discuss anime (and other types of media) and feelings that I have wanted to write about for a long time yet never before had the courage for.

I am still a beginner with a lot of mistakes and super long sentences, but I hope to grow as a person with the help of this blog.
I don’t seek profit, so this personal project for now is as bare as free WordPress gets.

I hope we can all deal with that.

The date is 2019.07.27 19:55
And the future is bright (hopefully for both this blog and me). Just look at it

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