The fluff and heart of Shinmai shimai no futari gohan

Shinmai shimai no futari gohan is a simple manga following a simple yet heartfelt story. After her dad remarries, Sachi finds herself face to face with the at first glance cold and scary new little sister Ayari.
Right away the problem is introduced, Sachi wants to get to know Ayari, but finds the whole situation awkward and feels like she doesn’t know what to say to the stranger that now is a part of her family. However, Ayari herself is part of the problem. Whenever Sachi tries talking to her at first, she glares, this way making Sachi even more flustered.
The classical “I want to get along, but what if X actually hates me” and as usual it’s all a big misunderstanding.

The turning point in both the chapter and Ayari’s tight expression is a big crate that the two receive from their parents.

A perfect expression for the perfect response

Ayari quickly explodes in a lengthy explanation over the specific creation process and the trivia about Jamón Serrano, her eyes sparkling with excitement. It’s quite quickly revealed that Ayari has a passion for cooking, while Sachi, lightly said, is quite inexperienced. However, Ayari guides both Sachi and us readers through the process, and we get to experience the fun that is watching Sachi watch in amazement and then try those awesome new to her “cooking things”.
Over the course of the manga the two stepsisters bond over the delicious food that they make together and about the friends that they make and cook with as well.

The core of the manga are the characters and their interactions as they cook and stare in awe at the deliciousness of everything. We get the wholesome fluff of two almost completely different people trying their best to get to know one another and slowly become sisters. Honestly, it’s quite refreshing to see something as simple as this.

What’s a big plus for everyone, who has ever stared at anime food in pure wonder, just likes to try making various food (we have all seen videos of people making their version of the Shokugeki pork roast) in their free time as a hobby, or wants to practice as a beginner; there are detailed recipes added at the end of every chapter. Here’s an example from chapter 29 (Hamburger steak):

I love how every chapter has not only the recipe but the info bit as well, even the extra chapters!

The art is cute and has a warm feeling to it. Although I did find it a bit rough in the early chapters, it softens out later on. The food, as simple as some recipes are, is sure to make your mouth water with all of the details and realistic look given to it by the wonderful artist and the author of the manga, Hiiragi Yutaka. There is some comedy too, but the manga can’t really be called a comedy series. If pure fluff+food was a genre, Shinmai Shimai would wear the crown.

Shinmai shimai no futari gohan warms us with cuteness and gives us the push of inspiration we all so desperately need in our lives at the cost of painful relatability:

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