Blogger recognition award!

Yay, an award!! An apology in advance, to all the people who have nominated me before, I’m still quite shy to actually respond to most (or any up to this point) nominations, so this one is a special kind of break through step I decided to take.
I was nominated by the amazing Eggsandwich04 for this award, so please be sure to check out his blog! This year has been quite great blogging-wise with me hitting not only 50+ followers, but also my 1 year milestone! I hope to do my best for all the upcoming years, of course, not without the help of both fans and fellow bloggers haha, who are all extremely nice and welcoming, in case you were wondering about starting a blog of your own/are just starting out!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and feature a link to their blog in your award post.
  2. Post the award banner somewhere on your blog.
  3. Share the reason why you started your blog.
  4. Share two pieces of advice that could benefit new bloggers.
  5. Nominate a maximum of fifteen other bloggers.
  6. Tell your nominees about your award post so they can participate!

The reason why I started this blog:

The main reason why I started this blog was a bit of a weird one. Firstly, let me introduce how this blog came to be cause reasons came a bit after that. My status and reasons at that time was not only boredom, but also my wish to combat my greatest weakness – lack of motivation and dangerous levels of almost apathy I was feeling towards most of my hobbies at that time. I was even worried about coming off as repetitive in my posts or lazily ranting on and on without end. Not the best state to randomly start a blog in, yes, but I would be lying if I didn’t mention how I wanted to talk about anime or manga even then. Somewhere along the way I decided that it would be pretty interesting to analyze anime emotions and scenarios, linking them with my personal or just in general, feelings. While the first few posts were quite stiff and short, soon enough, my rambling showed itself in the form of my lengthier reviews. I have to admit, it feels quite nice to write about a series or manga that interested me, and try to put it all together into some kind of coherent post!

Advice for newbies:

A year has passed, yet I still sometimes feel as if I just started out yesterday. Nevertheless, I think I can give two sound pieces of advice:

  1. Look up tips about beginning a blog; like image naming and all that jazz that links to people finding your blog easier! This seems trivial and perhaps even confusing at first, but it does help you get more views and clicks! I’m still beyond happy to have found my own blog post when using a specific anime/character name to find images.
  2. Just try your best and just focus on the content; I feel like a lot of bloggers (especially newcomers) beat themselves up over making every post perfect. The answer is pretty disappointing, as technically there really is no “perfect post”! In my opinion, what really makes people grow is making mistakes and learning from them, so that word you misspelled, or comma you missed, is not the end of the world. Personally, it’s much more satisfying to focus on the content first and fix whatever silly mistake I made afterwards

Nominee time!

I’ll keep it easy and simple, if you stumbled upon this post and haven’t been nominated yet, this is your chance, so be brave and take it!

5 thoughts on “Blogger recognition award!

    1. Thank you! We all start from different places, but I think that your advice is also essential! Blogging what you want and being nice towards others just feels nice in and of itself 😊

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