I go by Mashi and instead of just a short introduction post, I have finally made an official “About” section!
As you may have noticed, I’m a huge anime and manga fan and have been one for a long time.
I created this blog and decided to dedicate it to reviewing anime and manga and talking about the feelings portrayed by the characters in screen and the real ones outside of it, all thanks to many writers and anitubers who have inspired me.

In no way am I a professional, just a newbie who likes writing and is strongly wishing not to make too many mistakes. As I’ve mentioned before, this is a passion project and is pretty bare and simple as I’m not looking for profit.

What I’m interested in is reaching people and maybe even helping to find anime or manga you might like, but have never heard of before or had doubts about (or just to gush about my favorite series).

If you have any questions, recommendations or requests, feel free to reach out to me via twitter and tumblr; you can find both links in the “Contacts and FAQ” section

I have a Ko-fi page now too (which you can always find in the “Contacts and FAQ” section) if you’d like to support my work via it, if not, your likes and views are more than enough and always make my day!