Kabukichou BAD TRIP; 5/5 stars would go again

[Kabukichou BAD TRIP provides a novel look into relationships that differ from the norm, consequences, even what dating a celebrity could bring into your life, all in a fun, not too dark twist on a raunchier BL. Thorough exploration of the male lead getting into a healthy BDSM relationship is an added benefit, the humor…

Consistency (or how to keep a blog alive)

Happy missed one year hiatus anniversary! Heads up for rambling about One Room Angel and how episodic reviews maybe are not all that bad. Man, is it hard to get back on track after a year

Blogger recognition award!

Yay, an award!! An apology in advance, to all the people who have nominated me before, I’m still quite shy to actually respond to most (or any up to this point) nominations, so this one is a special kind of break through step I decided to take. I was nominated by the amazing Eggsandwich04 for this award,…

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