• Teppuu; the problem of talent

    2019 Nov 2 by

    {Yay another manga review and yet another love letter from me to a piece of entertainment that I hold very dear} Natsuo Ishidou is a girl who is stuck in a state of constant boredom, that is the price she pays for her talent. What she lacks in technicalities, she makes up in raw strength… Read more

  • Fans and media

    2019 Oct 22 by

    {Yet another late #Animanga festival special yay} I’ve never given much thought to how important fans really are for the media that they like, or what exactly they impact. However, in this post I will try my best to analyze the positives and negatives of fans and their influence on the media that they consume,… Read more

  • Black fox; my review and the strength of choice

    2019 Oct 13 by

    {Spoilers for almost all of the movie} What if there was an anime superhero movie? Don’t tell me I’m the only one who thought this.Black fox follows Rikka Isurugi and her story of revenge for the death of her father, fighting a corrupt old friend of his… Okay, let me rephrase that. Rikka is a… Read more

  • Loving what you love; a somewhat origin story

    2019 Oct 1 by

    {This post is the first in the “series” I have planned, all in celebration and my somewhat participation in the Animanga festival. I saw the subtopics and kind of improvised and went with it. Also, a long overdue controversial origin story} There is a wide variety of entertainment available to us, it comes in various… Read more

  • The Tatami Galaxy; or the struggle of regret

    2019 Sep 17 by

    {Spoilers for The Tatami galaxy} I would be lying if I said “Oh yeah, I was totally writing this post for nearly two weeks”, while I actually came up with the idea just now, after I abandoned the one I was working on before, cause I completely lost what I wanted to say and was… Read more

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