Consistency (or how to keep a blog alive)

[Happy missed one year hiatus anniversary! Heads up for rambling and very casual language, I used to try to sound super professional, but it gets tiring. TLDR: I’m not dead lol thank you for still checking my old posts out, man, is it hard to get back on track after a year]

I have always been against episodic reviews in the sense of “I’ll never do them for my blog”. Personally, I still don’t see the point of them. Unless you have a dedicated following, what’s the point of giving out thoughts for each episode that might be proven completely wrong the next. Feels like a waste of space for someone who appears in your feed once a blue moon to ramble about whatever caught my eye using funny anime images (happy one year hiatus anniversary and past it!). However, episodic reviews and such are key to being consistent with your blog. Each week there is a new episode and so, a new blog post. Maybe that’s something I should learn from these kinds of reviews: to just make something akin to a series, so I don’t have excuses to bail.

If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to: mostly video essays, university garbage and playing Genshin Impact/League of legends again (aiming for gold in TFT). I was painfully active on Twitter, I love seeing cool stuff amazing artists post, more please. I’ve read One Room Angel for at least the 4th time during the big hiatus and cried my eyes out all 4 times.

Why did I return after a year? Simply put, I missed writing. This is no creative Sisyphean task or anything that I happily got out of, I just stopped, but then missed making my silly little rants. Reading what other people think about a series is just not the same. I feel like I’m the type to need to actually sit down and write my ramblings somewhere, a post, a piece of paper, it doesn’t matter, just so they’d leave my head. WordPress in this case, is a tad better than other places like say Tumblr (I do have one), where people will either stumble upon your ramblings and you’ll go viral OR you’ll ramble to yourself and the 4 porn-bot blogs that follow you. The downside of this might be that I’ll actually need to watch/read stuff if I want to review something. Lately, I’ve been catching up with whatever anime I dropped into my watching list, albeit at a glacial pace.

The real idiot is me who thought it’d be just as easy to get back into writing AFTER NOT WRITING FOR MORE THAN A YEAR AH YES, THIS DRAFT IS LIKE AT LEAST HALF A YEAR OLD NOW, GOOD GOD

If you’re curious, that unlucky left over anime was Re:Zero season 2 part 2. I disliked the end and it all felt pointless. I don’t care what praises people had to sing for it, I swear it was a slog to get through even before I dropped off the face of the earth and was watching it as it aired. I suppose, if I had watched season 1 and then 2 to refresh my memory and rekindle my thoughts on the characters, it wouldn’t have been as bad. Emilia’s sob-story that she tried to get through throughout the whole season… I just didn’t care. The end slideshow felt like a slap to the face and those 3 episodes that I had to catch up felt like 3 hours instead of one, yes I skip openings and endings.

I’m pleasantly surprised that my views didn’t drop into the dumps, thank you very much, I really appreciate that. After a year of whining at university and on my desk about doing my final paper for said university, I am here to whine about whatever content I consume. Maybe it’s all thanks to me finding other means to productively procrastinate through, aka not YouTube but now my internship. Translation is fun, after all. There’s still a lot of procrastination, but I get stuff done.

Good luck to me finding a job in the future with a lax enough schedule. Not surprisingly, I quite enjoy working from home and working whenever I want with a few obligatory meetings or whatever

If you ever think about pulling a one year hiatus like me, remember that you’ll barely remember how to edit and tag posts, if you’re like me, and don’t WordPress on a day to day basis. I won’t do any big claims for productivity and one post a week or whatever, but I will stick around and pop my head out of the endless internet sandbox once in a while, to bring you whatever shiny thing I stumbled across. Thank you for your support!

END NOTE: All images used are from the aforementioned One Room Angel by Harada. This is an incredibly touching work with amazing art and realistic characters. A comedic tone mixed with rather hard hitting feels and serious moments. If you’re unfamiliar with the Harada stereotype, I’d advise against diving into their other works headfirst, check the tags for your own sake.

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