Manga reviews

  1. The fluff and heart of Shinmai shimai no futari gohan
  2. Teppuu; the problem of talent
  3. Blue period; what lies beneath the canvas
  4. Fumetsu no anata e (To your eternity); first impressions and humanity of something inhuman
  5. BL manga review: Key Ring Lock’s portrayal of loneliness and change; how it conveys the themes and feel to the reader with its unusual set up
  6. BL manga review: Labradorescence; opposites that help each other live better
  7. How a dark/realistic view on reality presents itself in anime and manga; Uramichi oniisan
  8. How Watashi no Kanojo wa Otoko no Ko explores the connection between love and gender.
  9. Why the Doukyuusei series will always be special for me, but also my view on problematic media
  10. Double mints; Love taken to the messed up extreme and how it works for Mitsuo Ichikawa
  11. [Volume 1]Aono-kun ni Sawaritai kara Shinitai; awkward love after death and other horrors
  12. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Look Back is pure Art
  13. Kabukichou BAD TRIP; 5/5 stars would go again