Where have I been and what is next for this blog (some personal goals as well I guess)

{Sincere sorry if you were hoping a genuine post! This is more of an update/goals list; TLDR added near the bottom, so, feel free to skip ahead!}

2021 has already begun and I, after hopefully surviving all my damn exams, have sat down and decided to write a post on my hiatus and plans for both this blog and my life that I want to accomplish in 2021 in general, also about some changes to come!

First and foremost, my hiatus was none other than me drowning in uni workload increase (haha…). I do hope to return to the regular schedule (2 posts per month) starting from February 1st. What will I be doing till then?

Writing a masterpiece, without a doubt…! Jokes aside, my plan is to write a few posts in advance to schedule and make work a bit easier for myself as I trudge the long road to reading/watching and reviewing what I want to review in 2021.
The main and only goal for the blog would be, more varied and consistently better content than I have put out before. No more late last minute drafts! I’d also like to strengthen my reviews content wise as well and possibly do the big step of reading/watching more and varied longer series.

Here’s some of what I have in mind for possible future blog post content:

  • Stuff to rewatch and review, possible referencing the manga etc (Ao no exorcist, ACCA, Babylon, SAO, the Tatami galaxy)
  • Anime I want to watch/catch up to in 2021 (Beastars, Devilman crybaby, Hajime no Ippo, the new Fruits basket, Fate/ and the Index series, B the beginning, maaaybe BNHA)
  • Light novel reviews (the Monogatari series, Boogiepop, Kamisu Reina series etc)
  • A lot of manga I need to catch up with (Jujutsu, Hell’s paradise, Chainsaw man, Vagabond)
  • More BL! (my list of read things is long and I enjoy ranting about my fav ones)
  • To finally watch the Made in abyss movie
  • Game reviews! (hopefully)

[As always, I’m quite active on twitter, so if you have any suggestions or things you really want me to see and review, you can find me @12Mashi ]

Personal goals this year are quite similar as always (reading 25 books (no more laughable miscalculations of my free time); finish playing Nier and Omori and finishing reading the Umineko chiru visual novels). Among the weirder less specific (starting to stream with voice on twitch (idk how but somehow lol); playing more Overwatch/TFT and above all exercising regularly). Starting to learn Japanese or actually building a good regular team on Genshin, are also preferable possible goals.

TLDR: a lot of full series I want to watch this year (Index, Fate/ etc), getting back to manga (both BL and the ones I need to catch up to), to finally watch the Made in abyss movie, and a whole bunch of weirdly specific personal resolutions, like “finish the Umineko series”.

Thank you very much for your continued support of this blog! I’ll try my best to bring you more and better content this year. Hopefully you can’t wait for what’s to come just as I do!

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